Meet Us

Dr. Kevin Snaer

For over twenty-five years, I have enjoyed providing positive experiences for my patients so that they can grow into adults who have positive attitudes about dental care. I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with parents to meet their goals for their child’s dental health. Preventing serious dental problems in very young children allows us to avoid difficult treatment situations, so that we can simply enjoy fun visits.

My father started this practice in 1960. As a teenager, I began working at the front desk on Saturdays and school vacations . I saw how my dad loved pediatric dentistry. I felt happy to be a part of it, and it was then that I committed myself to this profession. After graduating from USC School of Dentistry in 1989, my position in the office changed from receptionist to dentist. I had the great pleasure of working with my dad until he retired in 2010. I have lived in this community my whole life, so it is personally rewarding for me to continue the tradition of this practice.

To be recognized as a specialist in pediatric dentistry, a certification from a two year residency program is required. However, board certification is elective. Only those who are truly committed to maintaining the highest level of continuing education are able to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. As a Diplomate, I know that my patients benefit from the highest standard of pediatric care.

My kind, beautiful, and talented wife Shannon is on hiatus from her career as a first grade teacher, so that she can devote her time to caring for our four wonderful children.

Dr. Stephanie Morphis

I’m Dr. Stephanie and I look forward to helping you and your family. I feel so fortunate to genuinely love doing what I do. Working with wonderful children and their families hardly feels like work!

My goal as a board-certified pediatric dentist is to allow children (and their parents) to have a positive experience learning about preventing tooth decay and maintaining optimal oral health. If tooth decay does occur, I absolutely strive to give each child the best experience possible so we can avoid creating any dental phobias or negative feelings. In order to become a pediatric dentist, I attended Berkeley for my undergraduate degree, UCLA for dental school and USC for pediatric dental residency… Go Bears! ... U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight! … Fight On!!

Being a mom myself, I truly do understand how it feels to want the absolute best for your child. My obligation to my patients is to treat them as if they were one of my own and deliver the best treatment possible.

Our Friendly Staff


Office Manager
The process of getting to know our patients, and interacting with them as they come in for appointments, makes my job a pure joy. Their excitement overcoming in for checkups is truly contagious! I am proud to say that I have been part of this team since 2000. My work involves managing our schedule, handling accounts, tracking statistics and goals, and being a liaison between our patients, their families, and our doctors. I also schedule appointments and answer incoming calls. In my personal life, I’ve been married for over 20 years and we have two older children, Thomas and Loraine. We also have two dogs: Bandit, who is a Boston Terrier, and Cotton, a French Poodle. Much of my free time is spent supporting my children’s activities, but I also love being with my extended family and wonderful friends.


Treatment Coordinator/Front Office
Having the opportunity to get to know our patients and their families, and watching the children grow up, makes me love my job. My work places me in both the front and back office, as needed. I answer patient phone calls, schedule appointments, and coordinate treatments. I am also a backup dental assistant and perform coronal polishing. At home, I live with my two children, Steven and Makayla. We have two family pets, a Chihuahua named Bella and a cat named Izzy. My favorite times are those spent with my children, but I also enjoy watching movies and hiking.


Treatment Coordinator
The gift of being able to interact with our wonderful families makes my work enjoyable. I feel fortunate to be a partof this team since 1991. I know that we help children attain superior oral health and learn how to take care of their teeth at home. I have seen how this emphasis on education including good daily habits contributes positively to their overall health, well-being, and long-term happiness. In our practice, I coordinate schedules, make patient appointments, answer phone calls, and handle patient relations.


Insurance Coordinator/Accounts Receivable Coordinator
My work is rewarding to me because I know I am helping our patients’ families arrange payment plans that will make their lives easier while still ensuring all of their child’s dental care needs will be covered. An easier financial plan means a lot less stress for a family. It makes them happy and that makes me happy. I also take care of insurance coordination and post all the insurance payments to our system and manage our accounts receivable. When I’m not at work, I love being outside, snowboarding, hiking, and enjoying our incredible mountains. Sometimes, though, I just stay home, put on a movie and relax.


Registered Dental Assistant with Extended Function
Being able to help our patients utilize preventive dentistry makes every day a joy to me. I’ve been part of this teamsince 1995. I oversee our back office, manage all the orthodontic appliances, and offer hands-on, chairside training. I also perform sealant placements, coronal polishing, and assist the doctors with procedures. At home, I am the proud mother of two children. I enjoy sports and hiking and seek out time to spend with my family and my friends.


Registered Dental Assistant
Working in Pediatric Dentistry is extremely regarding for mebecause I truly have a compassionate heart for the well being of children. My day is fulfilling and exciting as I assist the doctors, take patient x-rays, and perform coronal polishing. It is very important to me to have the opportunity to make a positive difference especially when I am doing something I love for people I care about.


Registered Dental Assistant
Working with children is such a joy to me. I love contributing to a positive dental experience for all our patients. I spend most of the day cleaning our patients’ teeth, taking x-rays, and assisting the doctors with dental procedures. When I am not working, I like to spend my time with my family and baby sitting my little cousins.


Having the opportunity to work with children and aid in preventing dental caries is the primary reason I enjoy my job. I take pride in being able to teach others about the importance of oral health bymaking it a fun and interactive experience! As a Registered Dental Assistant since 2008, my duties include assisting the doctors with procedures, taking X-rays, coronal polishing, and making patients comfortable. I am the eldest of 3 so taking care of others is a priority. Additionally, I am a UCR student. My passion for dentistry permeates outside the boundaries of the office. I am the President of a pre-dental club on campus and volunteer and the Riverside Free Clinic in downtown Riverside which is a student ran health facility that provides media and dental care to those who cannot afford it. I enjoy hiking, weight training, and spending quality time with loved ones.


I really enjoy meeting new patients as well as seeing returning patients at their checkup appointments. Working with our young patients is so fun because I get to see them grow up! It is very fulfilling to know that I can provide our patients with good brushing and flossing habits to maintain good oral health. I work with the patients taking x-rays, coronal polishing, assisting for sealants and stocking our laboratory. When I’m not working, I enjoy being active, going to the beach, and being around family and friends.